[sr_map_search] – Interactive map search

The [sr_map_search] short-code shows an interactive map search on your website to help your users search for listings visually with tools for searching within custom polygons and fine-tuning criteria.

By default, the short-code will render a map with the first 25 results that match the filters on the short-code (or the default). The user can paginate to the next or previous page of results, search within custom areas on the map, and modify the search criteria. Add filters to change the default search query and use options to change the behavior of the short-code.



Basic syntax


With options and filters

[sr_map_search search_form="true" grid_view="true"]


This short-code supports options to change the output and behavior of the interactive map search. See the syntax section for an example of how to use the options.

search_formfalseShow a search form above the map.[sr_map_search search_form="true"]
grid_viewfalseShow a grid view of search results below the map.[sr_map_search grid_view="true"]
list_viewfalseShow a list of search results below the map.[sr_map_search list_view="true"]

Search filters

Adding search filters let’s you control which listings are queried and shown on the map. If no search filters are used, the default search filters are used.

When the search_form option is enabled, the user can specify their own search filters for some options, like minprice. This means that if you set a default minbeds, that can be changed by the user. However, the user cannot change options that are not visible in the search form, like agentand brokers.

vendornullfalseThe RETS vendor to search (required with multi-mls accounts).vendor="har"
sortModifed, descendingfalseSort the listings on list date, price , number of bedrooms, or number of bathrooms.sort="-listdate"
limit25falseThe number of results to show per page (max 500).limit="500"
qnulltrueA textual keyword search that searches MLS #, street address, city, zip code, subdivision, and MLS area.q="Houston"
statusActive; PendingtrueFilter listings by status.status="Active; Closed"
typeResidential; RentaltrueFilter listings by property type.type="Condominium; Rental"
subtypeTownhouse; CondominiumtrueFilter listings by property sub-type.subtype="Townhouse; Condominium"
agentnulltrueFilter listings by agent MLS ID(s).agent="agent1; agent2"
brokersnulltrueFilter listings by broker MLS ID(s).brokers="office1; office2"
salesAgentnullfalseFilter listings by a sales agent MLS #.salesAgent="AGENTID"
minpricenullfalseFilter listings by a minimum price.minprice="500000"
maxpricenullfalseFilter listings by a maximum price.maxprice="1000000"
minareanullfalseFilter listings by a minimum living area.minarea=2500
maxareanullfalseFilter listings by a maximum area.maxarea=10000
minbedsnullfalseFilter listings by a minimum number of bedrooms.minbeds="3"
maxbedsnullfalseFilter listings a maximum number of bedrooms.maxbeds="5"
minbathsnullfalseFilter listings by a minimum number of bathrooms.minbaths="2"
maxbathsnullfalseFilter listings by a maximum number of bathroroms.maxbaths="5"
maxdomnullfalseFilter listings by a maximum days on market.maxdom="30"
minyearnullfalseFilter listings by a minimum year built.minyear="2015"
maxyearnullFilter listings by a maximum year built.maxyear="1984"
minacresnullfalseFilter listings by a minimum number of acres.minacres="5"
maxacresnullfalseFilter listings by a maximum number of acres.maxacres="100"
minGarageSpacesnullfalseFilter listings by a minimum number of garage spaces.minGarageSpaces="2"
maxGarageSpacesnullfalseFilter listings by a maximum number of garage spaces.maxGarageSpaces="4"
waternullfalseFilter listings by a waterfront (or “true” for all waterfront listings).water="Lake Name"
citiesnulltrueFilter listings by a city.cities="Houston; Chicago"
statenulltrueFilter listings by a state.state="TX"
postalCodesnulltrueFilter listings by a postal code.postalCodes="77001; 77002"
neighborhoodsnulltrueFilter listings by a neighborhood.neighborhoods="Oak Ridge; River Oaks"
countiesnulltrueFilter listings by a county.counties="Montgomery; Harris"
featuresnulltrueFilter listings by interior features.features="Wet Bar; High Ceiling"
exteriorFeaturesnulltrueFilter listings by exterior featuresexteriorFeatures="Patio; Outhouse"
idxnullfalseSpecify the IDX display requirements for the listings.

idx=null (default)
– IDX address display must be true
– IDX listing display must be true
– IDX address display is ignored
– IDX listing display must be true
– IDX address display must be true
– IDX listing display is ignored
– IDX address display is ignored
– IDX listing display is ignored

Please check with your MLS or data feed provider on the rules and requirements for displaying restricted listings.

Check out the API docs here for more information and examples of the search parameters, and possible values for things like type and subtype.



[sr_map_search search_form="true" grid_view="true"]


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